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What is Reiki?

What is Reiki?
The word "Reiki" means spiritually guided life-force energy which has intelligence. It's term comes from two Japanese words - Rei, which means God's wisdom or the higher power and Ki which is life-force energy.

Reiki is a Japanese technique that promotes healing and stress reduction.  By channeling (drawing energy) from source through the the Reiki Practitioner and into the client, called the "laying on hands", restores normal energy flow to the part of the body that has become unbalanced and blocked.


What are the affects of Reiki?
Reiki is based on the idea that flowing through all of us is an unseen life-force energy which keeps us alive. If we are feeling stressed or ill our life-force energy is low. When our life-force energy is high we are more likely to feel healthy, happy and well balanced.


What should I expect when I arrive for a session?
When you arrive you will fill in a client in-take form and the practitioner will discuss with you any questions you may have or any areas that you would like him to work on. You remain fully clothed and will lie down on the reiki table, relax and just enjoy the session.


Will the practitioner be touching me?
Most Reiki treatments do involve a certain amount of touching. As an example, the practitioner may touch the client as in the cradling of the head. The practitioner will always use respect as to not violate the male or female bodies privacy. The practitioner will place his hands slightly above the recipient and the recipient will draw what energy they need through the practitioner. This technique allows the recipient to take an active part in their own healing.


What does a  Reiki treatment feel like?
Reiki treats the whole person, body, mind, emotion & spirit creating a balanced feeling of well-being. Most clients experience a well rested sleep the night of the treatment.
Many clients feel a warm and pleasant glowing radiance that flows through and around them, like being in a bubble of static electricity. Most clients feel relaxed, content and an over-all feeling of wellness. Clients may feel a warmth from the practitioners hands. Clients may also feel a slight vibration around the area being treated. Clients may also feel a pushing or pulling action from the energy. Clients are encouraged to release any emotion like sudden laughter or crying as this is a natural occurrence when negative energy blockages are removed and energy is allowed to flow normally.


How many Reiki sessions will I need?
Many clients feel well immediately after a session or even a day or two later. Some clients depending on the condition (especially if it is a serious or long-term condition) may require regular sessions.


How much does a Reiki session cost?
The inital visit is $90 for approximately 1 1/2 hours

Subsequent sessions are $80 per hour - Usually one hour is the average Reiki session

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